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Current Activities

What Are We Doing?

MORE Nature activities:

  • Family Nature Nights for at least six schools in the Omaha area
  • New or expanded after-school nature clubs for at least six schools
  • A “Parents’ Guide to Nature Play”
  • Parent workshops about nature play and how they can encourage it with their children
  • A community forum to build new support and partnerships for expanded nature play
  • Children’s gardening workshops
  • Development of model schoolyards and backyards for nature play, plus related design workshops.

Activities for the coming year

Our Potential Projects list was separated into High, Medium, and Low priorities for the coming year.

High Priority:

  • Nature Nights (6 during the next fiscal year)
  • Parent Workshops (1 per season)
  • Parents’ Guides (reprinting if needed)
  • Kids in Nature photo contest
  • Nature Clubs (develop a guidance manual and train school staff)
  • MORE Nature website (enrich and freshen it)
  • Develop community task forces from interest at Community Forum
  • Develop a model schoolyard for nature play
  • Develop a model backyard for nature play (open to public)
  • Write articles about nature play for local publications
  • MORE Nature play toolboxes

Medium Priority:

  • Gardening workshops emphasizing children’s gardens
  • Design and create a model public park space for nature play
  • Kid-friendly backyard contest emphasizing nature play
  • Display booth
  • Develop training workshops for after-school program staff

Low Priority:

  • Local conference on nature play/children and nature (for parents, teachers, park and rec people, etc.)
  • Bring in another national-level speaker possibly link to a conference
  • Train Sun Dawgs and/or other summer camp program staff
  • Develop a large nature play festival
  • Develop a directory for teachers and schools