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Nature Books for Kids

You may purchase any of the recommended books below from by clicking on the respective product code. Visit often to find more great nature books for kids!

Author Title Product ID
1-883220-67-X  Anthony, Joseph The Dandelion Seed 1-883220-67-X
1-883220-98-X  Anthony, Joseph In A Nutshell 1-883220-98-X
no_image *Arnosky, Jim Rabbits And Raindrops 0-439-06171-7
0-688-10489-4 *Arnosky, Jim Raccoons And Ripe Corn 0-688-10489-4
0-590-89752-7 *Asch, Frank The Earth And I 0-590-89752-7
978-0-15-206397-9 *Asch, Frank The Sun Is My Favorite Star 978-0-15-206397-9
978-0-15-206403-7  Asch, Frank & Devin Like A Windy Day 978-0-15-206403-7
1-58726-296-7  Brennan, Martin I Saw It In The Garden 1-58726-296-7
0-06-021139-3 *Craighead George, Jean Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here 0-06-021139-3
0-06-000150-X *Cronin, Doreen Diary Of A Worm 0-06-000150-X
978-1-934359-17-4 *Giogas, Valarie In My Backyard 978-1-934359-17-4
0-688-13123-9 *Grossnickle Hines, Anna What Joe Saw 0-688-13123-9
0-590-10079-3 *Hall, Zoe Fall Leaves Fall! 0-590-10079-3
1-58469-074-7  Hodgkins, Fran If You Were My Baby 1-58469-074-7
0-15-216396-4 * Locker, Thomas Cloud Dance 0-15-216396-4
0-15-201284-2 *Locker, Thomas Water Dance 0-15-201284-2
1-56145-314-5  Loewer, Peter and Jean The Moonflower 1-56145-314-5
no_image *London, Jonathan Puddles 0-590-00070-5
978-0-15-204555-5 Martin, Bill Jr. The Turning of the Year 978-0-15-204555-5
0-679-86187-4 *Mazer, Anne The Salamander Room 0-679-86187-4
978-1-84686-161-1  Nicholls, Judith The Sun In Me 978-1-84686-161-1
no_image *Oppenheim, Joanne Have You Seen Trees? 0-590-46691-7
978-0-88106-453-7 Pallotta, Jerry The Flower Alphabet Book 978-0-88106-453-7
0-06-623956-7 *Perkins, Lynne Rae Snow Music 0-06-623956-7
0-06-59684-8 *Phillips Denslow, Sharon In The Snow 0-06-59684-8
978-0-06-112325-2 *Portis, Antoinette Not A Stick 978-0-06-112325-2
1-58469-040-2  Rink, Cindy Where Does The Wind Blow? 1-58469-040-2
no_image *Rockwell, Anne My Spring Robin 0-590-46257-1
0-06-027738-6  Ryder, Joanne Wild Birds 0-06-027738-6
0-689-85426-9 *Rylant, Cynthia Long Night Moon 0-689-85426-9
0-374-37092-3 *Shulevitz, Uri Snow 0-374-37092-3
0-916291-21-9  Takeshita, Fumiko The Park Bench 0-916291-21-9
0-689-81778-9 *Van Laan, Nancy When Winter Comes 0-689-81778-9
no_image White Stynes, Barbara Walking With Mama 1-883220-57-2


Arnosky, Jim * All About Frogs
* All About Owls
* All About Turkeys
Sill, Cathryn About Amphibians
About Birds
About Insects
About Reptiles
Wood, Douglas * Grandad’s Prayers For The Earth
* Nothing To Do
* Old Turtle
* The Secret of Saying Thanks
eyelike nature Board books Leaves

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